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Special Sports Massage


The N.S.R.T. was founded in 2002 by Dave & Tina Corcoran and is now playing a major role in providing Specialised Training in Sports & Remedial Massage Therapy in Ireland. The National School of Remedial Therapy is recognised by the FHT.  These further emphasise and recognise our goal of providing the highest quality training in our school.


Our mission is to offer the best training for those who want to develop a professional career in Sports Massage Therapy. All our tutors are involved in Sport and are hands on working Massage Therapists, who work daily treating athletes and ordinary members of public.
At the NSRT our training methods ensure we pass on our vast knowledge to all our students.With the increasing number of people involved in field activities and the ever increase in costs it is not always possible to have medical people available for every training session and game. The NSRT are now offering courses, which are specifically aimed at dealing with on field injuries and injury rehabilitation.

Testimonials From Students

  • I just wanted to drop you a short note to thank you for holding the workshop on On Field Treatment of Sports Injuries. As a therapist who, as well as treating private clients has the good fortune to look after soccer, gaelic and hurling clubs, I found the workshop most interesting and beneficial. Larry Byrnes approach was most professional, yet very informal and I must compliment him on the presentation of his workshop. His years of onfield treatment was priceless. It was of great value to me that he passed on so much of his Knowledge and Treatment skills plus various tips and procedures. Again thank you and would ask that you forward my appreciation to Mr Byrne for a most enjoyable Saturday where I personally gained valuable experience. It was great to continue updating my skills through your workshop. As they say you can never gain enough knowledge. Thank you again David Ivers
    Past Student David Ivers
  • Sports and Remedial Massage therapy course student testimonial. Having spent 27 years in Financial Services, taking on this course was going to be a big challenge and something that was very new to me. I can happily say that the course has exceeded all my expectations. Where the initial weekends of the course were a little daunting, I have got to a stage where I look forward to the course weekends knowing that my knowledge of the body and my massage techniques will once again be brought to another new high. The format of the course weekends works extremely well and the Tutors have a great way of encouraging students and motivating them to continuously up their game in terms of knowledge and technique. This course is very intensive but if you put in the required study and massage practice outside of the course weekends it becomes very rewarding as your confidence grows and as everything that has been learnt starts to fit together.
    Current Student Barry Ennis
  • I would highly Recommend doing the NSRT Course, Since Qualifying at the end of 2012 it has opened many doors for me. Tina, Dave, Austin and Pat are all very Qualified teachers and very approachable. They are always on hand to help you. It's a wonderful hands on Course that gives you the Confidence and the tools to help people recover from Injury and Align with their well being. It's the best Investment of time and money I've ever made. I can't thank them enough. Karl Donnelly.
    Past Student Karl Donnelly
  • I thoroughly enjoyed this course and would highly reccommend it. Tina, Dave, Austin and Pat are so passionate about their professions and this is evident in their teaching methods, which not only makes the learning a little easier, but extremely enjoyable. Their support and encouragement throughout the course is excellent, but they exceed all expectations by continuing this support and encouragement to students when qualified.
    Past Student Alan Daly


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