Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Sports Massage Therapy and Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a four year degree course, whereas Sports Massage Therapy is a part time course covered over 15 weekends. It is designed for mature students and adult learners. Physiotherapy sometimes focuses primarily on hospital work whereas Sports Massage Therapy is designed as an approach suitable for conditions seen mostly in private practice. Physiotherapy can incorporate electrical modalities such as ultrasound, tens, laser, interferential and other non-manual treatments. Sports Massage Therapy only uses hands on approach.

How many hours study are needed?

The weekends that the course is on are very intensive so we recommend that the students re-write their notes as soon as possible. The students generally split up into study groups and meet at least once a week. You are encouraged to do at least 10 hours of case studies per month plus your written work. Doing this will help you keep up to date with the practical and the theory.

I have no previous experience in this area, will this be a disadvantage?

We have had students in the past who have no experience at all but have just had an interest in sports. Others have had a background in Massage, Coaching, Nursing, Acupuncture etc. However no matter what your background is you will not be at a disadvantage as we have found that some of our students that have no background in massage or Anatomy & Physiology have come out top of the class in the practical and the theory.

Will I have support throughout the course?

All the tutors are committed to assisting and supporting students throughout the course and at anytime you can ring or e-mail us with your questions or just for reassurance.

What are the employment prospects?

Some students undertake the course for various reasons and most would consider massage as a second income. Some of our students have given up fulltime employment to become a fulltime massage therapist. Others have been sponsored by their club to do the course and have become the clubs Sports Massage Therapists.

How many in a class?

Classes are kept to a maximum of 20 people to insure quality training. Each practical class has at least two tutors per class.

What should I wear to class?
Comfortable leisure clothing such as a tracksuit and t-shirt.

Who will I be practicing on?

You will be working on your fellow students, and on some occasions you will be set up to work with clubs and athletes at different sporting events.

What about the course fees?

A deposit of €500.00 secures your place…
Full Payment €3,500 Instalment Payment €3,500
Deposit €500 Deposit €500
Remaining Fees €2,750 Remaining Fees €1,000 (per 1st 3 wknds)

There is no refund on the course unless the course does not commence.

Will I require text books?

Yes, we have a required reading list and a recommended reading list which is sent out to you when we receive your deposit.